Mission Statement
Drilling Technical Services is a virtual engineering company with over 60 years of
combined mechanical, electrical, and process engineering experience in wide and narrow
web printing, drying, converting, and digital printing equipment specializing in web
transportation solutions.  Staff includes professional engineering as well as hands-onpractical
experience personnel.

We work with our customers to meet their goals by providing solutions
to the challenging problems that affect the web-fed industry.  Our clients have made us the
contractor of choice because of our commitment to excellence, integrity, creativity, and
timely, cost-effective solutions.

... in designing a quick changeover, fully automatic folding carton stacker as part of a roll
stock to palletized folded carton work cell.

... in providing a reliable custom latching system for air cargo containers.

... in analyzing a customer’s material and work flow to layout an optimized printing work cell.

... in applying CO2 laser cutting technology to create a patented digital kiss and through cut
label die cutting system

... in creating automated assembly systems for specialized pharmaceutical and conductive
ink applications.

... in applying window attachment technology used for folding cartons to continuous
laminating processes in printing/converting press systems.

... in creating automated truck assembly structure to double throughput, reduce manpower,
and improve ergonomics.
Solutions can include the use of pre-owned, certified equipment interspersed with new
equipment to retrofit a custom process solution
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