Custom Engineering

  • Manufacturing/process engineering
  • Custom web drying systems
  • Replace A5 Series PLC with updated/improved technology

Product design and development

  • Design/CAD experience using AutoCad and Solid Works technology
  • Problem solving through CAE software as well as prototype and model-making
  • Solution includes critical path from concept to working prototype

Project management

  • Total Project Responsibility: Engineering, Design, Procurement, Install and
  • Start-up to Cost Goal
  • Critical path scheduling methods
  • Contractor management
  • Post-project support

Automation and systems integration

  • Process layout studies
  • Ergonomic process studies
  • Labor optimization
  • Combined process studies

Manufacturing/process engineering

  • Process improvement concepts
  • Process machinery troubleshooting, including tram and alignment
  • Machinery move coordination

Custom web drying systems

  • Custom system for drying inks and coatings on film and extensible materials
  • Using gas and electric energy
  • Energy recovery system to reduce utility costs
  • Custom sheet metal design and fabrication
Parts available for Cadets, Commanders and Proglides.
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